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Friday, July 01, 2005

Project n. (prjkt, -kt). An unsatisfying human experience. E.g. Work project, school project, nuclear reactor project, rebuilding Iraq project.

Projects just aren't fun. That dog. I am compelled to do something. But perhaps something bad will happen. It is possible, he could be dangerous, he could have rabies. How long has he been there? Maybe he bit a child and his owner tied him there to die under the scorching sun. Would I be freeing a murderer only to have it attack me while I slept, eating my face and then slowly chewing on the rest of me as I scream, praying for a quick end to this agonizing death.
We need a new name for project. Something that you really want to do. Not something that you dread with anxiety and apprehension.

Splortag at 1:11 PM